Analysis Of The Article ' Women Of Science ' By K.c. Cole Essay

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“Women in Science” “Women in Science,” written by K.C. Cole was published in December 1981 in The New York Times Magazine. In the article Cole’s primary argument is that the lack of women in field is the cause of the negative effects that the science label bestows upon women. The evidence “I didn’t realize what an odd creature a woman interested in physics” (Line 7). The authors tone presents the confusion as to why there is a displacement with women in this field. The author vaguely implies her friends personal experience and highlights the consequences of her having a science major. She ended up using her science scholarship to transfer to an English major instead. Due to the isolation of her male peers as she’s calls the “macho mores” of science (Paragraph 12). Her friends - both boys and girls - warned her that she shouldn 't be good at math: ' 'You 'll never find a boy who likes you ' ' (Paragraph 11). The warning is that you can’t be too good or your will be reprimanded. Her presentation of ethos in (Paragraph 8) stating the obvious reasons there are not many more women in science because women are discriminated against as a class, in promotions, salaries and hiring from the National Academy of Sciences. The information that is gathered reveals that even if a woman is qualified there are many odds that are stacked against her. Coles arrangement of concepts are well organized in essay from the beginning to end makes the argument very explicit. Cole’s secondary…

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