Analysis Of The Article ' Women At Work Equality Versus Inequality '

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Argument 1: Audience; Women Back in the day, women fought to receive the same equality and privileges men have in the workforce, but to this day women and men are still not equal. The idea of being equal in the workforce means having the same pay per hour and being able to work anywhere you desire. M.P. Michailidis, one of the authors in the article “Women at work equality versus inequality” stated the following, “Even though improvements have been made, gender equality is still not achieved as men and women are not represented and are not treated equally in the workplace,” meaning to say that although improvements have been made for women to work, there are still some things that should be fixed in order for all genders to be equal in the workplace. Many see women as weak and sensitive individuals because of stereotypes. Michailidis mentions this quote from the author of “Whatever Happened to Rosie the Riveter?” “…the belief is that managerial positions require masculine characteristics and so women are not cut out for this type of job” (Nichols). What the author is trying to say here is that, because women are seen as weak individuals and what not, people in high industries believe they do not seem “masculine” enough to take on a higher position in a job, which is ridiculous. Many women aren’t even “feminine” to begin with. Some women have even decided that they want to be the man of the house, and dedicate themselves to making money, because they don’t want to depend on…

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