Analysis Of The Article ' What Comes After No I Won 't Just Move On `` By Adrian Jawort

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Conserving Cultures Imagine waking up one day and telling your daughter that many people don’t like her because of her heritage. This is the harsh reality that many Native Americans face when raising their children in American society. The article, “What Comes After No I Won’t Just Move On” published in Indian Country Today Media Network contains another story that expresses this problem for Native Peoples. It includes a story written by Adrian Jawort about how his daughter is the newly crowned Powwow Princess at her Catholic Academy school in the Apsáalooke Nation. He sees his daughter’s happiness and innocence because she was just crowned Princess, and he appreciates his daughter’s admiration of their Native American culture. However, he realizes that this innocence will inevitably disappear because he will have to explain to his daughter that some people in Montana don’t like here simply because she is a Native American. To combat this, he co-organized a symposium called the Native American Race Relations and Healing Symposium to discuss Native American struggles of today in Billings, Montana. The story of his daughter and the key points he speaks about in his symposium relate to many things discussed in class, including narratives in Miss Navajo, discrimination against Native Americans, and connections to the Truth About Stories. The film Miss Navajo explains the Miss Navajo Pageant and the significance for the winners of the pageant. The film brings to light what it…

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