Analysis Of The Article ' Volunteerism Among Homeless Persons With Developmental Disabilities ' By Larry G. Morton

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The article, “Volunteerism among Homeless Persons with Developmental Disabilities,” by Larry G. Morton II and Giovanina Gardiner conducted the study at George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The researchers discuss about the adults hardships and struggles they are exposed to on a daily basis. In addition, this vulnerable population is excluded from mainstream society. The authors that conducted this study did a comparison on homeless individuals who were diagnosed with a developmental disabilities to determine if there is a correlation between volunteerism and community integration. Furthermore, the intent of this article is “to take Bowgett’s study a step further by reporting the level of volunteerism in an urban sample of homeless persons with developmental disabilities. The research question is does volunteerism suggest healthy community integration among this ample of homeless persons with developmental disabilities?” (Gardiner, Morton, & Cunningham-Williams, 2010, p. 2). In fact, the demographics of this article were citizens residing in two suburban St. Louis city public parks. Also, the following stipulation include: being age eighteen or older, having received special education services for development disability during their educational career, and being currently homeless ( i.e. staying outdoors, in a shelter, temporarily doubled up in another’s residence, or staying in a place not meant for human habitation)”…

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