Analysis Of The Article ' Upsetting Our Kids ' By Amy Dickinson

1234 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
In the article “Spoiling our kids” by Amy Dickinson it talks about her own life story and what she has learned from it. The article is mainly about how kids parents spoil them and give them whatever they want whenever they want. This does not help them when the kids become older and want more things in life. It says that kids should value the present because it is a present and not because of what it was worth. It also says how we should teach our kids patience and not give them things right when they ask for it. It also talks about wealthy parents who would actually hire a pitching coach for their kid instead of helping them out. Mainly it talks about how kids are spoiled and how that needs to stop because it isn 't helping anyone. Parenting is something that people want to get into because they want to have a family and make memories. Some major qualities that parents need include patience, they also need to be understanding and lastly they need to be able to be a good role model for the children. These qualities will help kids grow to be great parents of their own children when the time comes. To be a good parent there has to be patience. Patience is key to a good life for the children and the parents. Afterall without patience nothing would be done completely and accurately. Things take time they aren’t just appearing left and right. Take some time and have patience when listening to the children and don 't interrupt them. From my own experience with my parents I…

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