Analysis Of The Article ' Two Years Are Better Than Four Years '

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In our modern society, higher education is considered a pathway to climbing the social ladder. In the article “Two years Are Better Than Four years,” Liz Addison argues that two years colleges are better than four years colleges. Addison is right by noting that two years colleges acts as a springboard for many students to begin there higher education career, but she is wrong by refusing to acknowledge that four years colleges are equally beneficial. In evaluating the American college system, I would argue that two years colleges have their benefits as well as four years colleges, but at the same time, I wouldn’t agree that two years colleges are better than four years colleges. These two different type of college systems have their benefits and disadvantages that makes them suitable for different types of people. Addison often referred to two years colleges as the University of Privilege, let’s survey how a community college might be considered a university of privilege.
Addison said that “the community college system is America’s hidden public service gem” (Addison 213). Many students choose to attend community college for its outstanding benefits. Community colleges have less rigid academic curriculum than a university. Just like Addison stated, “the philosophy of the community college is one that unconditionally allows its students to begin. Just begin” (Addison 212). Courses are available at lower levels for individuals who desire a better understanding of basic…

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