Analysis Of The Article ' Two Ways Of Viewing The River ' By Samuel Clemens

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On a recent visit home, I picked up my brother at our high school. Upon walking into Lincoln County High School, I could hear familiar sounds. Teachers were telling students to move, students were laughing and talking, and locker doors were closing. As I looked around, no one was there, and I realized these voices were from when I was in high school. In the article “Two Ways of Viewing the River” by Samuel Clemens, it talks about how ones perspectives can change as we review things at different points in our lives (Wyrick 77-78). During high school, I envisioned my college academics to be similar to my high school academics. I realize there are similarities, but I have found there are differences as well. The article allowed me to focus and review my perspective vision of college from when I was in high school and how that vision changed based on reality. When it comes to academics, the perspectives that I consider important are self-discipline, structure, and curriculum. These perspectives have changed from high school to now being in college.
Achieving high academic marks require focus in many areas. Self-discipline is one area of focus required in college that is different than what I imagined in high school. I proceeded through my academic classes without having to put forth any type of a significant effort towards education. My self-discipline was minimal and not challenged. The high school teachers provided guidance based on a specific set of instructions to a group of…

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