Analysis Of The Article ' Thinking Ethically By Manuel Velasquez

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In society, individuals experience situations in which they tend to question whether their choices are ethical. In the article, “Thinking Ethically” by Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer, they discuss multiple approaches which can help a person determine whether they are a good or bad choice. Three approaches for making an ethical decision are “Utilitarian Approach”, “Fairness Approach”, and “Virtue Approach”. If a person is stuck in a situation where they’re indecisive about the choice, then the individual should look at the three approaches. This article relates to the story, Everyone Lives in a Flood Zone, because of the main character, Jack finds himself in situations that he has to make life and death ethical decisions. In Everyone Lives in a Flood Zone, the narrator, Jack, tells the story of his life and death experience. The title, “Everyone Lives in a Flood Zone”, is significant because individuals go through their own personal problems and it can tend to feel as if it is a flood zone. In this case, the narrator takes his family members problem and tries to resolve by traveling into a harsh storm to receive Stephen, his brother. The author’s love for his mother and brother explains his actions because the author uses point of view to show the audience how he keeps himself “emotionally stable”; ensures both of his loved ones receive happiness and sacrifices his health for his brother, Stephen.
The author uses point of view to…

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