Analysis Of The Article ' The Conservation Role Of Captive ' Essays

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Bruning F. Donald. “The Conservation Role of Captive Propagation in Zoos.” 10.2 (1987): 225-258. JSTOR. Web. 19 Apr. 2016.
The point of this article is to explain the contrasting organizations that are involved with endangered animals, and zoos. The first part of the article is spent describing what the different organizations do to help. The second part of the article describes all of the differing endangered birds, and what zoos and people could be doing to save endangered animals. The author lists the endangered birds: Condors, Guam Birds, Hawaiian Birds, and others too. This article mentions what zoos are doing to assist wildlife conservation, and how workers of the Colonial Waterbird Society aid zoos as well. The author tries to convince the workers of the Colonial Waterbird Society to help zoos, and to help his cause.
This article came from JSTOR, a reliable academic journal source. The goal of this source is to explain all of the different organizations that are helping endangered animals. This article could assist the research question, but is very limiting because the author only explains the endangered birds, and not any of the other endangered animals. Even though the author makes good points that show that zoos are helping endangered birds. This article is biased because it only was the author asking for help from the different organizations and from zoos, so he might have only showed the good part of zoos to sway people reading this to encourage workers to work…

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