Analysis Of The Article ' Soul Making Theodicy ' Essay

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John Hick, the British Philosopher was born in 1922 in the United Kingdom. Hick is credited as a profound religious epistemologist, philosophical theologian, and religious pluralist (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015). Hick contributed largely to the world of theology, writing one of his more famous works, Evil and the God of Love, where the chapter Soul-Making Theodicy is included (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015).
The attempt to explain the presence of evil, pain, and suffering has been asked and investigated throughout the centuries by philosophers, theologian, and layman alike. The modern world is raw, yet pure, full of evil, yet full of beauty. The western belief in a God as an all-knowing, omnipotent, and beneficent being provides great comfort and reassurance in a hostile world, but does little to answer the question of how and why evil and suffering occurs. I will attempt to interpret the article, Soul-Making Theodicy, and clarify the authors’ views on Christian theodicy and potential reason for evil in the world.
In the article, Soul-Making Theodicy, Hick argues that the Augustinian ideology that permeates Western Christian theodicy, or the free will defense, is both inadequate and unsatisfactory in explaining the presence of evil, pain and suffering. According to Hick, the Augustinian approach hinges solely on man’s fall from morality, which has led to the disharmony of nature (p.358). The free will defense strives to support…

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