Analysis Of The Article ' Smile And Say Price Fixing ' Essay

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In the article, "Smile and Say Price-Fixing: The Supreme Court will decide if dentists can restrict competition," The Wall Street Journal argued weather or not salons and spa 's are able to provide cosmetic tooth whitening as a service. This service is usually offered in a dental office setting however salons and spas are starting to offer the service at a lower price. "The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners, representing dentists, banned the whitening practice by nondentists and issued cease and desist letters to the spas and mall kiosks." Under these conditions, the Federal Trade Comission has sued the dental board in voilation of the FTC and Sherman Antitrust Acts, and was taken to the supreme court. The court has currently ruled against the dental board, doubting active state supervision. If this case was ruled in the dental boards favor, the spa and spa industry would be effected tremendously in many ways good and bad. Being that the Supreme Court ruled in the spa and mall kiosks favor you can expect to see more developing tooth whitening laboritories. As a spa management career choice I can expect to encounter a decision of wether or not to open a tooth whitening service area in my salon. While some of my employee 's may want to take on a new service, others may feel that the service is unethical. The tooth whitening service brings multiple questions to my mind and I feel this decision has many advantages and disadvantages as a trending service. As a…

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