Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' Reporting From Washington '

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The article “Reporting from Washington” shows Republicans opposition against President Obama’s actions and choices on immigration. During Obama’s presidency, he has taken many initiatives on immigration. Within these initiatives, he has raised many controversy and opposition with the Republicans in Congress. His most popular and recent action that has raised lots of opposition and frustration would be his action to save over 4 million immigrants from being deported and simplifying requirements for a million more of them. Although the Republicans all want the same thing they can not seem to agree on how to handle this situation. They must decide between the options to either sit there and do absolutely nothing about it and instead take care of other priorities, use the budget process, censure or impeach Obama, take it to court, or pass an immigration bill.
The Republican’s first option would be to choose to do nothing; they would have to sit back and let it take its course. Instead of working themselves up and putting their undivided attention on one problem, they’ll keep themselves busy and work on other priorities as well. This ensures that they do not sit around doing one thing when there are many other things they must also worry about and take care of. Senator McConnell believes that by staying active this would give them an important say in the administration’s policies.
Another option would be to use the budget process. To begin with, there has already been a lot of…

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