Analysis Of The Article ' Real Family Values : Raising The Federal Minimum Wage '

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Pablo Guardado Period 3 English Ms.Moreh Minimum Wage Research paper
Imagen you have a job where you work long eight hour shifts, five days a week. After that long week of working around 40 hours, you notice you’re finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. This forces you to live paycheck to paycheck, often having to raise kids, needing to clothes them and feed them as well as yourself. Needing to pay car bills, gas, rent, groceries, and other living necessities off the minimum wage salary can become tiring, needing to work extra hours to pay the essentials. Barley getting by, people give up time with their kids to work and give up on their dreams. The minimum wage should be raised so that people can live their dreams.
If the minimum wage is raised the people will be able to more comfortably support their family and spend more quality time with them. In the article “Real Family Values: Raising the Federal Minimum wage” by Jack Jenkins focuses on a family of three and the struggles of having to live off the minimum wage pay. In this article it states that “millions of minimum wage families cannot afford to wait any longer …we owe them a chance to live a life in which stability, self-sufficiency and quality family time are norm, not the exception.”(Jenkins).This piece of evidence shows that it’s not only one or two families going through this struggles but…

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