Analysis Of The Article ' Property Outlaws ' Essay

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Reaction to Property Outlaws
The article talks about a problem, which has been neglected by many scholars, that property outlaws have in fact contributed to the update of property law. The authors divide property outlaws into three categories: acquisitive outlaws, expressive outlaws and intersectional outlaws. By analyzing these three sorts of property outlaws in deterrent and retributive ways, the authors find that property outlaws are alternative way to express information and reach social justice. The behavior of property outlaws of all sorts provides a particularly effective mechanism by which those who are left out of the system o private ownership can challenge and change that system from the outside. However, though property outlaws have some positive contribution of property law, its illegal nature determines that property outlaw should never be an equal way as congress hearing or court decisions to change law. As the authors discuss in the article, the foundation of property law is stability. Though property outlaws may have some information value, we should not allow people to reach their ends via illegal ways. In Riggs v. Palmer, the court affirmed the fundamental maxim of common that “No one shall be permitted to profit by his own fraud, or to take advantage of his own wrong, or to found any claim upon his own iniquity, or to acquire property by his own crime.” If we justified property outlaws or even admit it as an alternative way to change property law, it…

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