Essay on Analysis Of The Article Place Or Space

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You walk down the Haymarket area you hear jazz music coming from the business. You go to a game in Memorial Stadium classic rock songs are coming through the loudspeakers. When you go to the gym to work out a rap song is blaring out of the speakers. Music is constantly around us. When people hear a song images pop into their heads. Music plays a key role in the sense of place. The articles Place or Space and Sacred Spaces and Tourist Places, the way images are presented, and the things I learned all contributed to our project in the way music corresponds to geographic sense of place. In the article Place or Space by Mike Crang, Mike writes, “Spaces become places as they become ‘time thickened’. They have a past and future that binds people together around them.” This really applies to all of the pictures that are in our presentation, but it really speaks loudly for the pictures on slides on four and five. Over time towns either grow or become obsolete. Lots of towns in rural America have become “ghost towns”. Just because these towns do not have people roaming the streets does not mean they have returned to being spaces. They are still places because of the things that have happened in them and things will happen in them in the future. That is why we chose the picture of the small town in slide four. The statement in Place or Space also applies to slide five. The picture of the old church is a place that has become “time thickened” over time. The past and future memories…

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