Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' Our Time '

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In the essay,” Our Time,” Wideman talks about the discrimination of the African Americans in Homewood because they were seen by the white discourse as unclean and uncivilized groups of people. Wideman proclaims,” The value of black life in America is judged, as life generally in this country is judged, by external, material signs of success.” ( 420). This is quote of Wideman says the African American were often been judged by the white discourse. Wideman even mentions in this statement that the life of the Africans’ success is also judged by the discourse, as well. Furthermore, the white dominant discourse had also made ethnography of the African Americans as they perceived them for being poor, violent, ignorant, and finally not wealthy people. As a result, this caused the people in Homewood to be blinded by the terms of racism as they don’t necessary found them to be equal to each other. For example, Garth was in a white hospital where he needs full medical treatment as he has liver damage. However, the white medical staff ignored him and instead helping the other white people by giving them full medical attention. The reason the white doctors don’t give Garth any medical attention because they claim that he wasn’t considered a “clean” or “pure” patient and also the fact he was African American. Afterwards, Garth had died by receiving no medical treatment from the white doctors while his best friend, Robby, was watching him. Meanwhile, Robby was attending his best friend’s…

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