Analysis Of The Article ' Once Upon A Quinceanera ' By Julia Alvarez

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Assimilation and Retroculturation When people talk about assimilation, they think about the cultural issue and identity problem. Identities and culture are easily changed and replaced. However, as the society develops, more immigrants are not only fit into another cultural assimilations but also on having interest in retroculturation. Because of economics and social factors, people may lose their identities to have a better future.The essay “Leave Your Name at the Border” written by Manuel Munoz, talks about anglicization of Latino names in American culture. Because many Mexicans names are mispronounced , they have to change their name and accept American culture.In addition, they realease that their nations has begin to lose their national identities. Conversely, as the young grow up, immigrants do not want to abandon their original cultural identities. Therefore, they begin to have retroculturation and try to rediscover the old traditions and culture. In the article “ Once Upon a Quinceanera” written by Julia Alvarez, Alvarez touches on various aspects of the quinceanera. A quinceanera is important in the girls’ lives due to social, economic and cultural factors. Assimilation and retroculuration are necessities of the community to be continued, thus people would change their identities to redefine their self value and try to keep their traditions to have the community continuity. In order to have a better life,…

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