Analysis Of The Article ' On Dumpster Diving ' Essays

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In the essay “On Dumpster Diving,” Eighner describes the specific instructions to dumpster diving. His essay not only includes the items that can be found dumpster diving but also the different types of scavengers that can be found. Before Eighner got into the main idea to his essay, there was a section that described Eighner 's past before he began dumpster diving. From this introduction, you could conclude that Eighner became homeless. Today, homelessness is a major concern. Homeless people make up a majority of the people who you will see on the streets. There are many background stories to how these people became homeless. Since everyone once started off high and able to support them-self, what made them become so low and degrade to not being able to support them-self? There has to be a way to put homelessness to an end. We can find a way to separate the good food that people throw away carelessly from the actual bad food, we could have a specific area to where homeless people go to to pick themselves up and lastly, we could monitor the conditions of our people to aid them if need be. From these solutions, I say we should end homelessness.
Aside from homelessness being prominent in our world today, garbage is also a major concern and the amount of garbage humans produce is overwhelming. The problem was somewhat lessened with recycling;however we cannot recycle everything. Everyone has those days where you 're too full to eat more and you don 't take a second thought…

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