Analysis Of The Article ' Of Crime And Punishment `` By Cesare Beccaria

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Societies around the world have a different definition of the prober way to punish a criminal; some are extremely cruel in their punishment, while others are a bit more lenient. Past societies, and even some to this day have an image of characteristics that a criminal possesses. In the article “Of Crime and Punishment” by Cesare Beccaria, Beccaria speaks of some of the negligent form of punishment that many societies around the globe practice, while also speaking of the proper form of punishment that should be implemented instead. In the other hand in the article of Gina Lombroso-Ferrero “Criminal Man”, Ferrero speaks of characteristics that are more apparent in criminals. Both articles share almost no similarities do to the fact that one is speaking of the types of punishment, while the other is focus on the criminal. The only similarity that I found that both article shared is that both articles are speaking of the characteristics of a particle subject, and how these characteristic are harmful to society. For example Beccaria is speaking of punishment, and how some punishment are not effective in helping prevent crime, such as the death sentence, and torture (Beccaria, 1819). In the other hand Ferrero speaks of the characteristic, such as facial structure, and illnesses that are more “prevalent” in criminals, such as a larger forehead, and alcoholism (Ferrero, 1911).

In the article “Of Crime and Punishment” by Cesare Beccaria, Beccaria argues that…

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