Analysis Of The Article ' Obama Orders Federal Contractors ' Essay

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As discussed in class, our political world is ever changing. On Labor Day, September 7, 2015, “President Obama signed an executive order… requiring federal contractors to provide up to seven days of paid sick leave a year” (Baker). In the article, "Obama Orders Federal Contractors to Provide Workers Paid Sick Leave," written by Peter Baker, several class theories and concepts are pertinent to the recent executive order signed by the president. The article connects to the Constitution as well as Federalism topics.
In accordance with the order signed, the president has also, “signed orders requiring contractors to pay higher minimum wages, banning retaliation against workers who discuss their compensation, providing employees more information about their pay and protecting gay and transgender workers from discrimination” (Baker). Peter Baker states that President Obama addressed Union leaders on Labor Day in Boston regarding his executive order on labor laws of laborers working for federal contractors. This executive order appeared to be a political move for his party, as President Obama “mocked” the Republicans candidates, “individually and as a group for portraying themselves as champions of the middle class while opposing labor unions” (Baker). President Obama used this opportunity in front of the labor unions to speak about relevant union topics that the Republicans and union leaders have not agreed upon. In a time where the Republicans are in search of all the voting…

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