Analysis Of The Article ' Most Dangerous Neighborhoods ' Detroit Home

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On July 2013, one of the once most populated cities in United States had declared bankruptcy of $18 billion debt (Davey & Walsh, 2013, p. A1). As a result, there were less jobs available and many people had moved away to find a better life. In the article, Most Dangerous Neighborhoods: Detroit Home To 3 Most Violent Areas In America by Kate Abbey-Lambertz (2013), Detroit, Michigan was once most beautiful city is now abandoned. This essay will analyze how the city of Detroit, Michigan became one of the most dangerous city in United States to live in by looking at the theory of broken windows, as well as evaluating target hardening in hopes to find a solution to criminal activity. The theory of broken windows examines how abandonment encourages criminal activity and may lead to neighborhood deterioration if not taken care properly (Giddens et al., 2014, p. 170). Target hardening is done to “make it more difficult for crime to occur by intervening in potential crime situations” (Giddens et al., 2014, p. 169). Studying criminal activity is an important issue because it can help us better understand how to keep people safe, and how to prevent criminal activity.
According to Schiller, “Detroit…recent estimate provided by the city marked the number of vacant structures at 35,000, with many more vacant lots,” and unlit city streets (as cited in Abbey-Lambertz, 2013). The population has declined 60%. Khalil Ligon is one of the residents that remained in Detroit. Ligon is a…

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