Essay Analysis Of The Article ' Living On A Lifeboat '

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Introduction: In the article “Living on a Lifeboat,” Garrett Hardin believes that our obligations to the poor and hungry are metaphors based on the ethics of living on a lifeboat and the tragedy of the common. The ethics of living on lifeboat is based upon the rich and the poor. Rich people are in the lifeboat and poor people are in the sea. The wealthy has only three options in the situation with the poor people. First help all of the poor and everyone sinks. Next, help only who else can fit and eventually sink and have other problems. Lastly, take no one else and continue to be safe. The metaphor, the tragedy of the common means that when everyone shares resources and goods it will also only lead to destruction for everyone. Hardin uses these metaphors to argue that helping the poor or overpopulated countries is morally wrong. Although life may be like living on a lifeboat, there is another way to secure safety and help the poor. The best solution is to unite everyone that is able to help in some way and contribute all together. Once everyone that is capable of helping, helps, the people as a whole can enlarge and expand their land. This could then help the problem of helping overpopulated countries and the needy becoming a disaster by having connections to one another in order to help when either the rich or poor is struggling.

Summary: Hardin believes that the land being the lifeboat is limited in capacity. Majority of the people who are rich can afford and will be…

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