Analysis Of The Article ' Levels Of Racism ' Essay

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In the United States of America people are discriminated every day, either by their color, ethnic background, their disability and even from the place they live. Although this country is well known about their ruthless crimes against other ethnic backgrounds that occur almost on a regular basis. There are many countries around the world that express the same feeling when it comes to people of different colors and ethnic backgrounds.
In the Article Levels of Racism, it is explained that there are three levels of racism. The first level, is called the Internalized Racism, which is when a person has racism within himself or herself. Having the belief that they could belong to another race. An example happened at the beginning of the movie when Skeeter talked to Abilene and asked if she has ever dreamed about being someone else and Abilene said yes. She wished she could have had the same privilege that white people had. Hoping that way, maybe her son would still be alive at the moment in time.
The second level of racism is the personally mediated racism. This is when someone’s thoughts and beliefs about other races turn into a public act of racial discrimination about one or more individuals within a community. An example from the movie is when Miss Hilly suggested it would be a benefit that every white home would have an extra bathroom for the color help. She believed that black people carried many diseases and by having a separate bathroom would protect the white family…

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