Analysis Of The Article ' Let 's Really Reform Our Schools ' Essay

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Elementary schools Is Important
Imagine if you are a six year old kid and your parent asked you if you want to go to
School and learn or stay home and watch TV instead?. If you chose to remain home, then you just ruined your future career with having no idea of the consequences. Elementary schools are a dream come true for some kids and not for another, either or. Elementary schools are the base that makes us develop our learning skills and build our knowledge. Although, some people may argue about having their kids to go to school and they may figure out a way to be out of it. In Garland’s, article “Let’s Really Reform Our Schools”. Anita Garland pointed out to not force students to go to school unless they have the interest in learning. In this manner, I knew I would disagree with her. I believe all students must go to school whether they are interested in studying or not. In Carson’s article “ Do It Better”, Ben Carson didn 't like to go to school because he felt he was dumb, but by trying harder and by his mom pushing him forward, he was able to reach success and moved to be one of the top students in the class. As a conclusion, we have to push students to be in school and work harder because in the end, learning what will make us reach academic success, respect and confidence.
First, elementary school will help kids reach academic success. By sending our kids ' to
Elementary schools, kids will be able to decide where they wish to be in 10 years. For instance, by…

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