Analysis Of The Article ' Is The Host Of Fox News And Commentary ' By Todd Starnes

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The author of this article, Todd Starnes, is the host of Fox News and Commentary and has recently written a book on the traditional values of America and how America has changed over time since the founding of the country. In the book, he talks about George Washington’s warnings including staying away from foreign affairs which has caused problems in America today. When America started to get involved in foreign affairs in the early 20th century, immigrations had grown as many foreigners had come to America for better life quality and many other reasons and has since caused many issues that has stayed to this day. Todd Starnes explains how Donald Trump has now either influenced Americans or fueled Americas to hate and go against immigrants in the country to help his presidential election which has caused controversies in the elections race. As president, plans would include taking everyone every immigrant out of the US and only bring back legal or good ones. Even though Todd Starnes does not state a clear opinion or side, I believe he wants to show and bring awareness to how Americans are confused and manipulated about what they want, which I believe is true, by showing how Donald Trump and republicans have gained support in the presidential campaign and what Americans think the government, most specifically President Obama and the White House, view and think of the issue.
Republican voters are sending a clear message. They want a republican president and want the old ways…

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