Analysis Of The Article ' I Push On My Kid ' Essay

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I. Introduction
A. For this article analysis project, I had the opportunity to compare and contrast two articles conducted by Gengler, Amanda M. (2014) “I want to save my kid” about imbalance, access and strategies at university research hospital, and Nancy Krieger, Ph.D., and Stephen Sidney, MD. (1996) “Racial discrimination and Blood Pressure.” About experiences of racial discrimination and unfair treatment.
B. The article “I want to save my kid” written by Gengler, Amanda M. (2014) Investigates how families accessed and negotiated medical care with low and high cultural health capital. Amanda (2014) Observed families when they discuss and interact with their child medication, and interviewed families about the consequence of examination treatment of family effort to arrange care and the difficulty to decide on medication. Moreover, asked different families how they experienced the doctor’s advice or treatment. On Krieger and Sidney (1996) “Racial discrimination and Blood Pressure” article they studied people between self-reported and blood pressure experience of racial discrimination and unfair treatment, by collected a survey data on coronary artery risk development in young adults.
C. Amanda (2014) “I want to save my kid” discovered that child had different illness and treatment experience. Because families who had high cultural health capital direct every treatment their child receive from healthcare providers; moreover, they involved on the medication decision…

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