Analysis Of The Article ' How Public Education Cripples Our Kids ' And Why Written By John Tyler Gatto

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Ever since its creation, the United States’ public education system has been flawed and its goals have been skewed. In the article titled How Public Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why written by John Tyler Gatto, a former NYC and NY Teacher of the Year; discusses this. Gatto references a book written in 1918 by Alexander Inglis, Principles of Secondary Education, that describes six key functions, that have been a constant basis for public education ever since its publication coinciding with public schools being put into motion. Despite the book’s large impact, most people don’t remember the book and its functions, claiming everything in public education exists to make good people, good citizens and to get each person to reach their personal best. The original explanation for each function doesn’t sound that bad, education administrators cause the problem by interpreting them wrong. The United Sates public education system, and specifically public high schools, needs to be fixed. That can happen if the six functions receive a reevaluation.
One function mentioned in the article was the adjustive or adaptive function, described as the school’s responsibility to teach students fixed standards and ideals, the “correct” reactions to the elements that are not likely to change, and the ability to adapt to elements in life that do change. This function discourages critical judgment and encourages pointless lessons because submission can’t be tested with useful material. Public…

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