Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' Holden Caulfield '

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Childhood seems to be made of pure innocence while adulthood is where the evil of human nature beings and adults obtained certain qualities such as greed. In the beginning of the book, Holden criticizes everyone for their actions. While doing this, he isolates himself by creating his own level of self-protection. Like a child, he points fingers at others flaws, but never toward himself and see adulthood as phony. In the article, “Holden Caulfield: Alien in The Catcher in the Rye”, by The University of Sarajevo, Philosophy Faculty, Pro. Dr. Srebren Dizdar and Alpaslan Toker, states, “…Holden’s use of language also serves to highlight an important distinction between two worlds – the decentered materialistic world and Holden’s personal world of innocence. In the book, Holden makes use of both vulgar and learned phrases. His rude and vulgar speech his self-possessive, verbalized recognition of the weird values of his prep school mates; but in his personal and private world, which includes a secret goldfish, his dead brother, his sister Phoebe, Jane Callagher , the nuns, and all animals, he makes use of a literate and articulate English. The literacy accuracy, with which Holden makes use of vulgar language in a common world, is varyingly detached, uncaring and phony, and educated speech oh his private world beautifully surfaces when he describes the way he met with Jane Callagher…”(Salinger 76). Holden Caulfield, a sixteen- year- the old narrator, usage of language help…

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