Analysis Of The Article ' Hidden Intellectualism ' By Gerald Graff

1204 Words Dec 6th, 2015 5 Pages
This strategy was extremely useful for my response to “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff. Reading the article and capturing its main idea helped me respond to Graff’s claims. Like I did in the summary paper, I reviewed the whole piece swiftly, yet carefully, by examining each paragraph to comprehend Graff’s arguments more clearly. Also, searching for interesting quotes allowed me to explain what I agree and disagree with. For example, I agreed with Graff’s claim that schools and colleges are to blame for not considering street smarts as part of their learning community by mentioning that “street smarts are intellectuals in their own right much as book smarts are and that schools and teachers bear the responsibility of helping street smarts reveal their hidden potential.” I disagreed with Graff, however, when he stated that people would not write flawlessly about something that interests them “unless they see it through academic eyes.” In response to Graff’s claim, I referred to people I know in villages who are not academic smarts and who “can create and narrate good stories or compose beautiful oral poetry.” This led me to conclude that if teachers want students to write good drafts they have to allow them to write interestingly, yet not necessarily through academic eyes. Furthermore, I looked up every new term in a dictionary to avoid any confusion. Overall, thanks to this class, I feel I have matured into a better reader who wants to read more outside the classroom.…

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