Analysis Of The Article ' Group Minds ' By Doris Lessing Essay

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All human actions and responses are influenced by someone or something. For humans, being independent is an unrealistic claim. Claiming to be a completely free and independent individual sounds naive . To be independent means being free from outside control. Humans claim to be apart of a free society, as free individuals, making independent choices, but they’re wrong. In the article, “Group Minds,” Doris Lessing provides a clear argument against the concept of human’s claim to independence. Lessing’s article is an attempt to make the public aware of outside pressures and the reality of our naive claim to individualism and independence.
Lessing’s title does a clean job of foreshadowing the passage. Those who claim to be completely free independent individuals, immune to outside influence are often misguided and naive. This seems to be false, but often times humans are driven by group influence. Even the location of our schooling or residence makes us a part of a group. We all live in groups whether it’s family, work groups, social, religious, and political groups (Lessing 612). After all, it is natural that humans like to be accepted into a group and often go through numerous groups as old ones dissolve. The dangers trying to be conveyed are not the occurrence of being in a group or groups but being in a group and not understanding the social rules and pressures that groups govern with.
Conformity is often a group effort, the group in which one moves to or attempts to enter…

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