Analysis Of The Article ' George Orwell Meet Mark Zuckerberg '

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In the essay entitled “George Orwell…Meet Mark Zuckerberg”, Lori Andrews discusses the malicious power of data aggregation and targeted advertising, and its immorality. She highlights the dangers of companies tailoring to specific demographics, and through her writing style, attempts at building trust with her readers. Andrews argues that the techniques used in targeted advertising and data aggregation are immoral, however she employs similar tactics to make her point. Andrews caters to a specific audience using jargon, as well as personal appeal to shock the technologically inexperienced with burdensome truths.
Andrews begins her attack on the audience by first lulling them into a false sense of security, and then pouncing with powerful evidence. She employs this technique immediately by writing about how she spent an average morning on the internet, and then ending with, “but every action I’ve taken has been surreptitiously chronicled and analyzed by data aggregators, who then sell the information…” (324). After unveiling this truth, she continues by bombarding the reader with various statistics about how the recorded data is exploited by advertisement agencies, and how easy it is for someone to purchase the data. Her tone calms down for a while after revealing these facts, and relaxes the reader by analyzing these new points. However, she continues to bring up more hard truths throughout the work. Surprising the reader with unpleasant facts can be effective in educating…

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