Analysis Of The Article ' Fremont High School ' Essay examples

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You will not be successful without the right resources you need to become prepared. I am using the articles Kozol “Fremont High School”which shows the dangers of not being prepared. Pennington “Defying the odds:Victor Cruz”because he didn 't prepare himself properly for what he could have avoided and Rich “Marlen Esparza” because she didn 't have the proper training . I will use these articles to argue the dangers of not being prepared,They all share the similarities of not having correct preparation. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Many people that are set in your life want to see you do well especially parents and mentors. Marlen Esparza father wanted to see her do well in fighting. He was the one that believed in her the most. He did everything he could do to give her correct preparation . Just because she was a girl didn 't mean she lack the preparation that the boys were receiving. That is why her trainer said “I 'm not going to train you like a girl. I 'm going to train you like a man. Her trainer had the mindset to where you had t do what was necessary to be successful. When you are trying to become successful you tend to do everything you can do to have the right preparation but,sometimes you may not always have all the right tools. There are many dangers of not having the right tools because you fear not being prepared. The dangers could be schools not having the right program to send their students off to college. An example would be…

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