Analysis Of The Article ' Female Chauvinist Pig ' Essay

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Ariel Levy, a staff writer at the New Yorker, and author of the article “Female Chauvinist Pig” has brought up a very interesting topic about Raunch Culture. Now, what particularly is raunch culture? Raunch culture, in my own words, I can say is defined as a culture which allows woman to participate in male-dominant cultures of raunch that deals a lot with sex in a way that is meant to be funny. Women who participate in this culture have to reject some of the things women are known to do, which they consider “girly-girl”. Although some things that they wear or do are considered “girly-girl”, women still have to embrace, acknowledge and accept certain male stereotypes in order to participate in raunch culture.
To be effective in raunch culture, women have to embrace the way men express their feelings. Now if asked “how” men express their feelings, I can say they do mostly by taking action. For example, it is there as a stereotype that all men are sexually driven, but it is certainly not something that we always catch men saying. Well then how do they express it? They express it through their actions, what they do, what they watch and sometimes where they even go. A typical woman who would catch a partner doing things like this would probably go insane learning that the partner is doing those things. Why, is because woman were brought up in a way to be organized, clean and sexually conservative. But what about the women that appreciate these things? That would be considered…

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