Analysis Of The Article ' Far Right Afd Says Islam Not Welcome On Germany '

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“Religion not compatible with constitution, says anti-immigration party, which also proposes banning minarets and burqas” (“Far-right AFD says Islam not welcome in Germany”) is the opening line of the news article titled “Far-right AFD says Islam not welcome in Germany” published by Al Jazeera on the 1st of May 2016. This article is a political piece that focuses on the far-right German political party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), and their election manifesto that says that “Islam is not compatible with the constitution.” Even though most mainstream parties in Germany have ruled out any coalition with this party, its policies remains a pressing concern as it receives the support of over 10% of the German population in opinion polls. Violence has been caused as a result of the controversial policies of the right-wing party, with the article stating that “up to 2,000 left-wing demonstrators clashed with police on Saturday as they tried to break up the first full AfD conference.” The article discusses the chapter of the AfD’s manifesto titled “Islam is not a part of Germany,” and the effect it will have on the four million Muslims that live in Germany.
This ‘us vs them’ power is common in the news industry and is used to enforce particular biases and influence the readers views. Singer states that “Once a cultural complex has been touched, it can easily generate ‘us vs them’ dynamics in different groups of people as a consequence of the potent emotions and stereotypical…

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