Essay Analysis Of The Article ' Don 't Blame The Eater '

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Responsibility of the Producer

In the article “Don’t Blame the Eater," by David Zinczenko discusses how a group of people are suing McDonald’s for making them overweight. Zinczenko shares his experience on how fast food has affected his childhood and teenage years. He believes teenagers can put on weight with fast food and that part of the problem is the lack of nutritional information given for the fast food provided in these 'restaurants '. In addition, he speaks about the companies behind it.
Zinczenko ate a lot of fast food when he was younger because that is what his mother could afford. There are countless people in this situation. People also go to fast food restaurants because it is convenient, cheap, and on the go. The problem is that these ‘restaurants’ do not sell quality food as they advertise on TV, radio, and online. They sell cheap, processed foods that cause health problems to their consumers without them knowing.
While most people generally know that fast food is not good for their health, they still eat it for various reasons. Most people that buy fast food are low income, uneducated, and/or are people just trying to save a couple of bucks. However, the people trying to save money by buying fast food will eventually end up spending more money from the cost of doctor 's visits, medicine, etc.
Luckily, Zinczenko managed to change his health style around in college. However, this is not the case for many people. As Zinczenko states, “But most of the…

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