Analysis Of The Article ' Culture And Depression ' Essay

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Kleinman, A. (2004). Culture and depression. The New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 35 (Issue 10), pages 951-953 retrieved on October 3, 2015

The article “Culture and depression” seeks to analyze how clinical illness symptoms may vary based off of the patients culture. The author, Arthur Kleinman is a leading physician and anthropologist, and currently the Esther and Sidney Rabb Professor of Anthropology. Kleinman explains that culturally coded symptoms may confound diagnosis amongst patients. For example, Chinese immigrants symptoms appear to be more physical than physiological hence going to show that symptoms differ when it comes to depression and the patients cultural background. Treating culture as a set volatile seriously hinders our ability to understand and acknowledge disease states like depression. Kleinman suggests that action be taken toward the treatment of culturally diverse patients as recent immigrants may expect a directed, ordered relationship and experience discomfort with an democratic one. The model of health this article caters to is social and biomedical as it focuses more on the social background of the patient that causes their biomedical symptoms. This article helps clarify that culture indeed affects how a person may be diagnosed with something by their symptoms, depression is a growing illness and some conditions are universal while others pertain to their own culture. It may interest a student taking a Health Studies course as it…

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