Analysis Of The Article ' Contrasting Organization Approaching ' Marty Martinson And Celina Sue

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In the article “Contrasting Organization Approaching” Marty Martinson and Celina Sue discuss several ways in which Alinsky dealt with situations which he thought could benefit the parties that were oppressed. He argues that power lies with the people and societies or communities would receive positive results if they formed organizations. The main premise of the organizations was to select a leader who could be seen as an outsider with a passion to motivate members of that community to plead their cause with the aim of winning. One example in which Alinsky’s approach was successful was during the 1930s in Chicago. The Armour’s Company, one of the meat packer’s company, was treating its employees in a very distasteful manner. For example, the company would cut their wages three times during the year without any consultation with the employees and they had no security as well. This was considered a huge problem since the employees could not do anything about because they had no union representation. To address this problem, with the help of Alinksy Backyard Neighborhood Council was formed; it was a coalition of the churches, unions and approximately one hundred small businesses. This coalition organized a massive rally to address the plight of these employees and one day later the Armour Company agreed to recognize the union. The Alinsky’s approach to solving problems is one of the most effective approaches that could be used to solve almost any problems that individuals…

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