Analysis Of The Article ' Conservation And The Conservatory '

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On October 26, 1963 John F. Kennedy spoke at Amherst College about the importance of arts in our culture and our society. Roger Scruton wrote an article titled Conservation and the Conservatory, in this article he spoke about how music is an essential part of learning and human life. Both of these articles stress the importance of music and how it should play a part in our everyday lives. These articles both say positive or beneficial things about music, but they differ their approach to the subject of the material. In Kennedy’s speech he stressed the importance of arts in our society. He talks about the artist being a representation of the culture and the society and speaking his truth through his work. He explains that the artist does no use art as a weapon nor as a technique to get the soul to pull on emotions, it is to speak their truth in the world, “We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.” Kennedy explains that art is the best thing an artist can for is to be honest and truthful with their art to give off a sense of hope. “Sometimes our great artists have been the most critical of our society, it is because their sensitivity and their concern for justice, which must motivate any true artist, makes him aware that our Nation falls short of its highest potential.” was excited and thought that Americans could become better and the reward and achievement would be increased. Near the end of his speech Kennedy say “look forward to an…

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