Analysis Of The Article ' Burghers And Blacks ' Evolution Of A Slave Society At New Amsterdam '

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As the power in New Amsterdam changed, the development of slavery evolved as well. When the West India Company first controlled New Amsterdam, or the Dutch, the members of the company did not a have clear idea how to use slaves, as well as how to obtain them. It was not until the end of their reign over New Amsterdam, did the West India Company start to use their slaves efficiently. Once the English took over New Amsterdam, they wisely put their slaves to good use, and found effective ways to trade for them. In the article, “Burghers and Blacks: The Evolution of a Slave Society at New Amsterdam”, written by Joyce D. Goodfriend, writes about how that once the English took control over New Amsterdam from the Dutch, they received all the praise for all of their slave contributions to New Amsterdam and the Dutch did not get enough recognition for all of the work that they did. What the Dutch did had a greater impact than what the English did.
At first, the Dutch did not use the slaves to their greatest potential. It was not until just before the English conquest, the West India Company’s slave labor worked at jobs, which benefited the town (Goodfriend, p.130). Slaves were at first used for private entrepreneurs throughout New Amsterdam (Goodfriend, p.126). Goodfriend writes about how company slaves were assigned to various jobs such as constructing a wagon road, and even reinforce the defense of the community. If the Dutch had never put the slaves to alternative modes of labor,…

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