Analysis Of The Article ' Building On The Foundation Of General Strain Theory

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I have chosen to write my essay on the article, “Building on the Foundation of General Strain Theory: Specifying the Types of Strain Most Likely to Lead to Crime and Delinquency” by Robert Agnew. Since I first heard of strain theory, I found it to be a fascinating concept that was easily seen in both everyday life and in the media. My favorite example of strain theory involves the plot of the television series, Breaking Bad. In the first few episodes of the show, we learn that the show’s main protagonist, Walter White, had lung cancer and may die; leaving his wife, teenage son, and (soon-to-be-born) daughter with very little to no money. The fact that Walter had little money to begin with was already a strain he was facing then the added fact that he was dying added more stress, increasing the amount of strain he was experiencing. As Agnew (2001) mentioned in his article, people will find different ways of dealing with strain, such as turning to crime. In Walter White’s case, this is exactly what happened, he turned to a life of crime. The reason I mention this specific television series (while there were so many other examples out there) is because I think that it highlights several concepts that I have studied in the past that are related to criminology. By now I am sure that it is quite obvious that I agree with General Strain Theory. It is hard not to when I myself have experienced strain several times in my adult life. As I read the article, I took notes the…

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