Analysis Of The Article ' Bridge That Gap ' By Chegg It Breaks Down

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In the article “Bridge That Gap” by Chegg it breaks down the different viewpoints that college graduates and hiring managers have on graduates being able to find a job. The many skills college graduates believe they need in order to find a job aren’t as important to the hiring managers. I believe this article has helped me in knowing what I need to do to make my application stick out above everyone else’s. The first part of this article that interests me is the Student Skill Index. The second part of this article that interests me is What Matters to Hiring Managers. The third part of the article which interest me is Office Street Smarts. The first part of the article that interested me was the student skill index. This article section will compare the differences that college students and hiring managers have about whether or not the institution on your diploma matters on acquiring a job. It will also show the percentage differences between the skills college graduates think they need to acquire the job and the skills the hiring managers actually want in an employee. The article states “Students put more importance on the name of the institution listed on their diploma, versus an employer’s view of the importance of school prestige” (Chegg 3). What this tells me is most students feel that if they graduate from a university rather than a community college that they will have a higher chance of acquiring a job in their field of study rather than the student who went to a…

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