Analysis Of The Article ' Bad Feminist ' Essay

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In the book Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay compiles essays she has written which deal with what are considered feminist issues. There is one particular essay though that I will be focusing on: “The Alienable Rights of Women”. In this essay Roxane Gay makes the argument that women’s bodies are up for legislation; their reproductive rights can be given or taken away and when they do exercise their rights, through abortion or use of birth control, they are punished. With a little more than half the population being female, this is an important issue to address. Women need easily accessible methods of abortion and contraceptives without feelings of shame and guilt weighing over them.
Roxane Gay makes the argument that although abortion is available, women are punished for deciding to get an abortion. Women do have the right to an abortion, but in order to get that abortion there is a list of tasks they must go through and not only that, but politicians are constantly wanting to add more to said task list. Roxane Gay brings up Texas as one of the biggest offenders for punishing women for exercising their right to choose. Texas requires women to go through multiple sonograms, to be told about all the services available to encourage them to remain pregnant and to listen to the doctor narrate the sonograms (271). It is clear to see that getting an abortion is no easy task, rather it seems very exhausting. Texas, although they are the worst, is not the only state looking to punish…

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