Analysis Of The Article ' At Center Of Storm ' Essays

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Rachel Dolezal is a Caucasian prominent civil rights activist who decided she wanted to identify as black. She changed her skin color, curled her hair, and created fictional stories in order to perpetrate her desired identity. After she was caught misrepresenting herself, stories sparked public conversation. This essay will focus on key terms discussed in class and how they can be related to the mass media 's response to the situation. According to the reading "Mapping the Terrain: Definitions," creation of ethnic identity occurs when groups or individuals claim cultural distinctiveness based on the perception of a common decent, physical appearances, and beliefs (Mapping the Terrain: Definitions). There are three ways a person can claim cultural distinctiveness is through the adoption of the physical attributes, political tendencies, and cultural practices that are inherent in the group. This is demonstrated in the article "At Center of Storm, a Defiant ‘I Identify as Black, '" which discusses claims Rachel Dolezal made while describing her childhood to a news agency. Most of her claims turned out to be totally fictitious. Dolezal claimed that she was born in a tepee and that she hunted food with a bow. Furthermore, she claimed she grew up in South Africa, where she was punished based on the complexion of her skin. By attributing these experiences of discrimination to her upbringing, Dolezal asserts that she can better relate to people of various ethnic…

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