Analysis Of The Article ' As A Symbol Of Man 's Greatness ' By Ayn Rand

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Anthony Moreno Mrs. Sopapunta AP Lit Comp P.3 7 September, 2015 In the article “Man Takes First Steps on the Moon” by The Times, has a huge impact towards American History. Not only that the U.S defeated the Russians to the moon first, it was one of the greatest accomplishment for the Americans. According to “BBC Home” state, “Many other nations – including the UK – sent messages of congratulation.” (BBC Home). The risk of not coming back home sounds frightening. In the article “In Even of Moon Disaster” by William Safire is a tragic scenario. The President Nixon constructed a letter saying, “Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace” (33). This was just an option if the Apollo 11 failed and the astronauts couldn’t return back home. In this article “The July 16, 1969, Launch: A Symbol of Man’s Greatness” by Ayn Rand shows many sophisticated examples of imagery. Rand states, “The launch began with a large patch of bright, yellow-orange flame shooting- sideways from under the base of the rocket” (33). Lastly, the painting “Transported” by Herblock shows us negative emotions on the painting. The three main ones that stand out more on the painting is war, poverty and prejudice. Herblock is revealing to us that we should be paying more attention to those things than letting the technology take over. The Times is a newspaper company located at London. The event that changed world history and the improvements of…

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