Analysis Of The Article ' Anybody 's Son Will Do ' Essay

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Over the course of life, we are always looking to find ourselves. We are looking to create our individual identities and find what makes us who we are. Finding yourself and keeping your identity is not always easy. In our culture, we are always pressured to be a certain way. We can see this quite easily from a young age up through adulthood. Society pushes us to be “normal”, and if we don’t fit the norm, we are ridiculed. We as a culture are pushed in a certain direction and forced to try and fit certain molds and we can be changed and can change ourselves to fit into society.
A good example of being pushed to fit a mold is the military. Gwynne Dyer talks about the military creating a group identity in her article “Anybody’s Son Will Do”. dyer says that the military 's success is based on their ability to gain members who are obedient. In the article, dyer starts off by talking about basic training. Basic training is a way of physical and mental manipulation. In the article she describes that “basic training involves a brief but intense period of intense period of indoctrination whose purpose i not really to teach the recruits basic military skills, but rather to change their values and their loyalties” (Dyer 1985). In basic training, the recruits are somewhat brainwashed. They are beaten down mentally and put through extremely difficult physical tests. This is the start of the manipulation into the mold. The drill instructors know that the young men are easily…

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