Analysis Of The Article ' And Flower 's Article, And Making An Original Argument

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Kantz conducted the research for this article as a graduate student. Her professor was Linda Flower and one of her classmates was Christina Haas. This is significant because Haas and Flower have a piece in the same book. This tells the reader that Kantz knows what she is talking about because of her credibility. This piece was written in 1990 and is from the text “Helping Students Use Textual Sources Persuasively.” This article was written after Haas and Flower’s article that was written in 1988 to an audience that was just emerging. This is another example to the credibility of Kantz since her piece was written afterwards.
Margaret Kantz’s article is about how to make a new text from an existing one. Specifically, Kantz explains how to write an original paper using textual sources. This article discusses the difference between reporting regurgitated information as “research” and making an original argument. A key concept in doing this is recognizing the difference between facts and claims. On page 428 she discusses that “a “fact” is not how true the statement is, but that most people have agreed that it is true and treat it is as true.” Claims are then things that do not have agreement. Kantz uses the example of a student Shirley and analyzes parts of Shirleys paper to show the audience how a paper can change from asking what facts could be, instead of reporting information. By recognizing the difference between actual facts and claims gives the author a…

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