Analysis Of The Article ' Altering The Music Of An Artist Essay

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The artists loses money, and well as credit and praise if their work is taken and given out by file sharing. In addition to this in many cases people believe that the copyright policy has no purpose. “The fact is this very second some kid somewhere is taking my music, chopping it up, looking at it sideways, replaying it, and then calling it his own.”, said music producer Luke in the article “Laidback Luke Discusses The Legality of Sampling – Billboard.” (Rubinstein). Although this is true, having more strict copyrights will allow this not to happen because the policy will be updated to fit the standards of today 's technology. Altering the music of an artist is violation of the copyright policy is unacceptable and if the policy were more strictly updated and enforced then, this wouldn’t be happening and musical artists work will be benefited and treasured more. Another con that is seen in the copyright policy is that, “Copyright law suffers from a degree of ambiguity that can make it difficult to know exactly what constitutes copyright infringement.”, (Hamel). In order to fix this the U.S Copyright needs to make the policy more suitable to the viewers and listeners of the artists in order to allow the public to understand what they actually might be violating. With a copyright policy that states exactly how the policy can be violated and the consequences, then it’s possible that people will be more aware of the law. The Recording Industry Association of America explains,…

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