Analysis Of The Article ' A Number Of Shoreline Residents ' And Its Effects On Their Community

898 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
A great many Americans are not concerned about or do not believe climate change exists because it does not affect their daily routine. In the Akerlof article, a number of shoreline residents were set up in small group deliberation to discuss rising sea levels and its effects on their community. The top priorities for these residents included material objects such as private property damage or loss. One of the main takeaways from the Bowers article was that audience segmentation is important and what is even more important is finding something each audience cares about. One way to segment these audiences is through their news consumption. However, with the abundance of slanted news, climate change has been inaccurately portrayed as a debate, and climate change deniers have been given more room on the platform (Gibson, 2016). There are many factors that contribute to the controversy over climate change including conflicting political ideologies, fake news abound, “false balance” and even user comments at the end of the article (Hinnant, Subramanian & Young 2016). As discussed by Gibson and Hinnant, journalists tend to present climate change as a 50/50 issue in order to seem objective, despite the overwhelming evidence that suggests otherwise.

These past few weeks have been a thorough examination of our role is in affecting climate change. While some of these responsibilities fall under the umbrella of the media, there is still much we can do as consumers. As scientist,…

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