Analysis Of The Article 5 Facts About Illegal Immigration Essay examples

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The United States is perceived as “The Dreamland” for many people around the world because it represents the land of opportunities and a better future. Millions of people even decide to immigrate illegally in order to live a better life in this promising country. Some families decide to risk their children’s life by bringing them in a very dangerous trip just to give them a better education and future. In the article 5 facts about illegal immigration in the U.S by Jens Manuel Krogstad and Jeffrey S. Passel, it gives a statistic of the number of undocumented students in 2012. According to the article, for every ten students, two were undocumented which made a 21% of children in school in this nation. These children brought to the U.S in a very young age have to deal with problems like attending college and looking for better jobs when they become adults. Without legal documents, undocumented immigrants brought as minor would grow in a country with barriers that could interfere with their goals for a better future. Every undocumented immigrant who came with their parents as minors to study and seek for a better future should be given the opportunity to live with all the rights as a citizen of the United States. Therefore, all undocumented immigrants that immigrated to the United States as minors, and who had completed a degree or certificate program should be give work permits and a pathway to citizenship.
The article “Real Faces of immigration” by Laura Fletcher tells the…

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