Analysis Of The A7d Affair, Kermit Vandivier, An Employee Of Goodrich

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In the case study The A7D Affair, Kermit Vandivier, an employee of Goodrich

Corporation, is participates in fraud and is found guilty for conspiracy to defraud the LTV

Aerospace Corporation. In this case study, I will describe what specifically happened,

who else took part, and whether or not the actions taken are seen are morally right or


Below are the facts that were involved in the case:

 The LTV Aerospace Corporation made a contract with Goodrich for an order of

202 brake assemblies for their A7D attack plane.

 10 years earlier, Goodrich had built a brake for LTV that didn’t meet expectations

and ultimately severed ties between Goodrich and LTV.

 John Warren was initially made the project engineer but later assigned Searle

Lawson with the task of creating the final product design.

 Every test that Lawson conducted resulted in a failure.

 Despite all the failed tests, Vandivier was asked to prepare the qualification

reports for LTV.

 Vandivier alongside Gretzinger prepared the reports and were later accused

participating in a conspiracy to defraud.

The extent to which Lawson, Vandivier, and Gretzinger considered the potential moral

issues was very high. They were all aware that there was wrong being done within the

company and spoke up a few times to combat the situation but ultimately fell victim

participating in fraud.

There were cases of groupthink, diffusion of responsibility, and bystander apathy within

the hierarchy…

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